Anger is a common emotion meant to:
Protect us from harm
Help us get our needs met
Prevent us from sinking into despair

It is normal to experience anger. Sometimes anger is the appropriate response to misbehavior by others. Managed correctly, and kept in check, anger is an important ally for a healthy adult. But anger has great risks, perhaps more than any other emotion. Anger can alienate us from people; it can lead us to do things we regret. Anger may arise not due to the present situation, but because the present situation reminds us unconsciously of a past experience. Anger may be a habitual defense against feeling sadness or fear.

When Anger Becomes a Problem
Anger is a powerful emotion that can influence people’s thought patterns and behavior choices. Anger can contribute to:
Aggression and violence
Hurting people, including one’s self
Social or legal problems

Anger can be a sign of serious psychological diagnoses such as major depression or disorder. Drugs and alcohol may help mask anger temporarily, but are also likely to make anger worse at times, as drugs and alcohol reduce self-control and tend to increase impulsivity.
If you have an anger problem, you may know it but not know what to do. Or, you may not know it; the nature of anger may lead angry persons to deny they have any responsibility for the problems to which they contribute. If you find yourself feeling tense and frustrated with yourself and others, if you find yourself unable to enjoy people and life, if you yell often, if you argue with others frequently, if people seem afraid to speak their minds to you or disappoint you, it is possible you have an anger issue.


How I can help you
In therapy, we attempt to explore thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are related to your anger and how you could effectively manage them. We learn to identify your triggers and respond to them in a different, more constructive and helpful manner. We do not aim at repressing neither at venting  your anger because none of these strategies will provide you with the inner peace you are looking for. Instead, we work collaboratively to encourage a deeper , non-judgmental understanding of your self and your experience. You get introduced to the therapeutic power of compassion and self-compassion , acceptance and mindfulness. You transform your thinking  so that your anger no longer torments you. By the end of the therapy, hopefully you feel fulfilled and positively evolved.