New Life

«The only permanent thing is change», a well-known quote suggests. Change does not always comes without stress, actually it is common to experience a multitude of different feelings while we are facing important life transitions or turning points. According to research, we can measure the stress involved in different life changes on a scale of 1-100. Do any apply to you? Add up their values and give yourself a score. If your score is over 40, therapy is probably a good idea to consider, and if it is over 60, therapy is highly recommended.


Stressful Life Event

100 Death of spouse

73 Divorce

65 Marital separation

63 Jail term

63 Death of close family member (except spouse)

53 Major personal injury or illness

50 Marriage

47 Being fired from work

45 Marital reconciliation

45 Retirement

44 Change in health of family member (not self)

40 Pregnancy

39 Sex difficulties

39 Gain of new family member

39 Business readjustment

38 Change in financial state

37 Death of close friend

36 Change to different occupation

35 Change in number of arguments with spouse

31 Mortgage over $40,000

30 Foreclosure of mortgage or loan

29 Change in responsibilities at work

29 Son or daughter leaving home

29 Trouble with in-laws

28 Outstanding personal achievement

26 Spouse begins or stops work

26 Begin or end school

25 Change in living conditions

24 Change in personal habits (self or family)

23 Trouble with boss

20 Change in work hours or conditions

20 Change in residence

20 Change in schools

19 Change in recreation

19 Change in church activities

18 Change in social activities

17 Mortgage or loan less than $40,000

16 Change in sleeping habits

15 Change in family get togethers




How I can help

Major life transitions may trigger  a sense of grief at the loss involved. Even if the change is for the better , or even if you have been welcoming it,  it’s still very common to feel sadness for what you are leaving behind. You may be feeling a sense of loss and  a fear or a certain level of discomfort for entering an unfamiliar territory. In therapy, we explore all your different thoughts and feelings that may hinder you from embracing the new phase of your life. We open ourselves up in accepting the inevitable pain that life sometimes brings us but at the same time, we look at building a fulfilling life.