When you feel overwhelmed at work, you lose confidence and may become irritable or withdrawn. This can make you less productive and less effective in your job, and make the work seem less rewarding. If you ignore the warning signs of work stress, they can lead to bigger problems. Beyond interfering with job performance and satisfaction, chronic or intense stress can also lead to physical and emotional health problems.

Signs and symptoms of excessive job and workplace stress workplace-stress

Feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed
Apathy, loss of interest in work
Problems sleeping
Trouble concentrating
Muscle tension or headaches
Stomach problems
Social withdrawal
Loss of sex drive
Using alcohol or drugs to cope
Common causes of excessive workplace stress

Fear of being laid off

More overtime due to staff cutbacks

Pressure to perform to meet rising expectations but with no increase in job satisfaction

Pressure to work at optimum levels—all the time!

Bullying and/or sexual harassment

Communication problems between management and staff



How I can help

Prolonged work related stress may lead to depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. It is crucial to address the source of stress and explore coping skills and strategies that can be used to manage it.  Most importantly, we work to establish your sense of inner balance by helping you reconnect to your values and all the things that are of meaning to you in life.